The Questions

Here are the 150 questions that are asked. We may end up asking some follow ups and skipping a few questions from time to time, but this list is the list that the project is based off of.

What is your full name and why were you named that? (Include maiden name for women.)
Do you or have you ever had any nicknames?
When and where were you born?
Do you have a story about your conception or birth?
Were you baptized?
Did you grow up in the church, are you religious?
Which church did you attend?
Are you still a member of a church?
What are your thoughts about God and the Universe? Higher power?
Do you think about an afterlife?
Do you believe in ghosts?
How would you describe a soul?
What are your thoughts about astrology?
Do you believe in aliens? Other life in the universe at all?
Do you have any understanding about any other world religions other than what you grew up with?
What city or town did you grow up in or near?
Can you describe your first home?
What other cities or town have you lived in?
What are some of your earliest childhood memories?
Can you tell me a story about you with your siblings?
What are the full names of all of your siblings?
What chores were you expected to do as a child?
Did you get an allowance? Or how did you learn about the value of a dollar?
What did your family do for fun? Vacations, board games, card games, celebrations?

What kinds of books did you like to read?
Do you have a favorite author?
Do you remember having a favorite bedtime story?
Do you remember any nursery rhymes from your childhood?
What toys were your favorite when you were a child?
Do you remember a time when your family fell on hard times?
Did you ever go hungry?
What fads do you remember from when you were young? Clothes, styles, music, pop culture?
What schools did you attend? Grade school? High school?
What was school like for you? Did you like it or hate it?
Did you have a favorite subject? Which were you best at?
What subject gave you the most trouble and why?
How do your classmates remember you? How would they describe you?
Did you get good grades?
Did you participate in any extra curricular activities? Sports, Music, academics?
Did you ever get any special awards for any school activities?
Can you describe some of your best friendships from childhood, young adulthood?
Did you have a favorite hang out spot?
How many years of education have you completed?
Do you have a degree? From where?
Can you describe yourself as a young adult? Just after high school into your twenties?
Did you grow up to be what you wanted to be when you were young?
What did you want to be?
What was your first job?
What was your first job out of high school? Out of college?

How did you decide on your career?
What memorable jobs have you had in your life?
Do you feel like you went into a field that is rewarding?
Did you achieve your career goals?
Did you make enough money at your jobs?
What was your work day like?
Do you plan to retire? Are you retired?
At what age will you or did your retire?
Did you serve in the military?
What were your duties and what rank did you achieve?
Can you describe your time in the service?
Were you ever injured on the job or while on duty?
How old were you when you started dating?
Do you remember your first date?
Can you describe your first boyfriend?
How did you meet your spouse? First husband/wife?
Do you remember the first date with your first spouse?
How long did you know each other before getting married?
Can you describe your wedding proposal?
When and where did you get married?
Can you describe your wedding ceremony?
Who was in attendance?
Who was in the wedding party? Best Man, Maid of Honor?
Did you have a honeymoon?
Where did you go?

How long was your marriage?
Is your spouse still with us?
Can you describe who they are what are they like?
Have you re-married? To whom? What are they like?
How are things different with a second marriage?
Did you get any advice on your wedding day?
Were there any memorable speeches?
What advice would you give to your child or grandchild on their wedding day?
How did you find out you were going to be a parent for the first time?
Did you or do you want children at the time?
How many children do you have?
What are their names, birth dates, birth places?
Why did you give them those names?
Do you remember being amazed by any of their behavior?
What is an unusual thing any of your children did when they were young?
What is a really funny memory you have of something your children did?
If you had to do it all over again, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?
What was the hardest part of raising kids?
What was the most rewarding part of being a parent?
Do you think you spoiled your kids?
Were you strict or lenient? Did you ever ground your children?
How would you describe your disciplinary style?
Can you describe when you first sent your children off to school?
Are you a grandparent? Can you describe what that is like?
What advice about being a parent would you give to your children?
Can you describe your in-laws?
What was it like meeting them for the first time?

Are your parents still with us?
What are their names? Where are they from?
If not, what was it like to loose them?
Can you describe how they passed? How did they die?
Were they buried, where? Do you visit their burial site?
Can you describe your relationship with your parents as they were aging?
Do you have memories of your grandparents?
Can you remember a time when they were talking about their lives and experiences?
Do you remember your great grandparents?
Who were your grandparents? Names?
Do you know where they were from?
Who is the oldest person you remember talking with?
Did you have any childhood diseases?
Do you have any hereditary diseases?
What do you to to focus on your health? Workouts? Diets?
What are some of your favorite foods?
Are there foods you don’t like at all?
What bad habits do you have? Have you broken?
Have you ever been hospitalized? Surgeries?
Have you ever been the victim of a crime?
Have anyone ever saved your life? Have you saved anyone?
What would you consider the most important inventions of your lifetime?
How is the world different today from when you were a child?
Do you consider your family political? Yourself?
What are your thoughts about politics?

Did you grow up talking about world events in your family?
What major world events do you recall happening in your lifetime?
What US presidents have you liked? Disliked?
Any other historical figures that you admire?
How do you feel about the JFK assassination?
Where were you during 9/11?
What are your thoughts or opinions about that event?
Have any of the Wars of the past effected your family or you personally?
Name a good friend you’ve known the longest?
How did they influence your life?
Have you ever met anyone you’d consider a soul mate? A kindred spirit?
What were some of the hardest choices you’ve had to make?
What were some of the most stressful experiences you’ve endured?
What is the scariest thing you can remember happening to you?
Do you have any major regrets?
Is there anything in your life that you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t?
Do you consider yourself creative?
In what way? Art? Music? Any other way?
What things have you made that others have enjoyed?

How would you describe your sense of humor?
Do you know any good jokes?
Do you remember ever playing a practical joke on anyone?
Have you ever acted in a mean spirited way?
Have you eve exacted revenge on someone?
What activities or hobbies do you have to occupy your free time?
Have you ever met anyone famous?
What vacations have you taken?
What is your favorite place?
What pets have you had?
Do you have any brilliant ideas that have gone unnoticed?
Do you know anyone that you’d like to hear answer these questions?
What is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to you?
Do you have a single memory from your life that sticks out as special?
Is there anything else that you want to share with anyone listening that we didn’t cover?

What or who is your favorite:
Board game?
Card game?
Flavor of ice cream?
Movie star?
Musical group?
Musical instrument?
Style of music?
TV program?

If you had to pick a label for your family members (spouse, children, mother, father, brothers, sister…), who fits each of the following descriptions?
Animal lover
Best cook
Best gardener
Best housekeeper
Best looking
Best memory
Best story teller
Biggest tease
Hardest worker
Most athletic
Most colorful
Most creative
Most frugal
Most generous
Most mischievous
Most politically active
Most reclusive
Most relaxed
Most sociable