150 Questions

This is the beginning of our project.

The idea is: We interview a loved one in an attempt to convey a snapshot of who they are, at that moment in time, through a series of 150 set questions. This is in a larger attempt to share a piece of this person with the world, with loved ones, especially with the younger generation who may never get a chance to meet the ones who we hold dear, who formed who we are, who we’ve laughed and cried with.

We want to share these stories, these lives.

If you know someone who needs to share their story with the world, with their children, their grand children and so on, please contact us.

Liz Olson

I don’t know how to write this. I just wanted to share this with anyone who loved Liz. I can’t write anything here to do a shred of justice to her life. I’ll just let this recording speak for itself.
I do want to add a few things for clarity. We had recorded these same questions/answers previously this same night and I mistakenly deleted them. So, this is our second round of doing this and, as such, we were that much more intoxicated. I had planned on doing some edits and cuts, but I think its better, now, unedited.
Love you Liz!